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The selection presented here was made personally by the artist 

Urbain HuchetSculpture :

« I use up the material for the creation of marine my sculptures because of its aristocracy it is directly produced by nature as well as by enriching the man gave.
The rest is emotion and LOVE ».
Urbain Huchet – Email :

PaintingPainting :

There is a long time, Pont Aven, Vlaminck said the painter :  « The Art is not an invention, The painter should not be an inventor ».
That's why I'm not looking, in my art, to achieve effects in vogue but only to transmit, to interpret and to be born with love in others equal to that emotion I felt in my work.
Urbain Huchet
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Book : « Sleep in for Eclipse »


An incredible tale offers the Artist

You will discover the magic of an extraordinary world where the sculptures are the central characters of a real world.
One that will also allow you to feel that they each have a presence and a soul passed through the pains of love, the image of their creator…

« I have the following pages ample opportunity to introduce the few people who read these lines in this strange little world of objects. They present themselves through their initiatives moving, the expression of their opinions constantly in search of happiness. »
Urbain Huchet

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Discover the painting booklets & original poems : « Clin d’œil »

Poetry Booklet

Are you the treasure I came to seek ?
We will give our bodies the lightning storms,
The debris of love prevalent in our sheets,
In the shameless wanton.
I love Looking forward
And your hair brush against my stomach.
Dawn always comes back to the other may,
For a « je t'aime » finally, living, liberator,
Just be the one to the other.
Sleep eclipses, life is essential.
To throw in his face the pleasure of being together
Chut ! Do Not Disturb !
For a glance,
For a deep sleep.
Spasm, ultimate synthesis.
And the Pearl of Love that flows between your thighs